neděle 4. dubna 2021

Barbie® BMR1959™ Doll GNC47 - Barbie v zelených kozačkách (2020)

Společně s Kenem BMR1959 mi do sbírky přišla i tato vysoká Barbie v barevné parce a v zelených kozačkách s tváří Tango 2001 od návrháře Carlylea Nuery. Panenka má vyšší verzi těla Made To Move. Z žen BMR patří pro mě k nejhezčím. Její nevýhoda je lacinější, sběrateli nazývaný tzv. pixelový tisk malby tváře

Oficiální text výrobce: 


The BMR1959™ collection celebrates the fashion heritage of Barbie® and showcases how current trends influence the brand. These bold, fully posable dolls capture the diverse looks found in today’s streetwear culture. From high-low fashion mixes, re-imagined ‘90s gear to juxtaposed patterns, textures, and silhouettes, this curated ensemble is all about personal expression and style. This BMR1959™ Barbie® doll sports a color block parka over her cropped tank and bike shorts. Bold details include green painted fingernails, statement eye liner and clear vinyl thigh-high boots with a neon block heel. Chunky, 90’s-inspired blonde streaks and logo hair clips frame her face. This collectible fashion doll is fully articulated, comes in a streetwear-inspired shoebox and includes a BMR1959™ logo doll stand for displaying. Each Barbie® BMR1959™ doll features a unique look, so you can express your style with the whole crew. Doll cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary. 

Label: Black Label® 
Designer: Carlyle Nuera 
Release Date: 6/22/2020 
Included with doll: Hair clips, top, shorts, jacket, boots, doll stand 
Eyelashes: Painted 
Fashion: Color block parka, cropped tank and bike shorts 
Fashion Sewn On?: No 
Body Type: Made to Move Tall Doll 
Stand: Yes 
Facial sculpt: Tango 
Package Dimensions (H/D/W): 14" x 3" x 6" 
Limit 2 per person 
SKU #: GPF15